Are you looking to get your motorcycle license?

We offer a comprehensive course to help you obtain your ICBC class 6 license and develop your skills. Our progressive course gives you the knowledge you need to be a successful rider.

You will feel confident in any riding situation after completing our course. You will be glad you took the time to train with us and become a better, more knowledgeable rider.

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Feel the wind in your hair as you learn to ride like a pro

Our motorcycle course is only offered on the Sunshine Coast and certified by ICBC.

Avoid the hassle of booking a limited spot for your MST

A Motorcycle Skills Assessment (equivalent to MST with ICBC) is included in the course.

You'll be a better and safer rider

We can help you with everything from getting your license to saving on motorcycle insurance.

96% pass rate on road test

Our motorcycle riding course is second to none. You'll be confident and ready to take your road test.

New Rider Course

We'll have you road-ready in no time.

The New Rider Course Includes:

  • Setting you up for your road test preparation with a 96% pass rate!
  • Curriculum designed by motorcycle professionals and offers 30 hours of training – Theory, Motorcycle Skills, and Traffic Skills.
  • Small group learning (group of 4 to 5) to maximize individualized attention and instruction
  • A Motorcycle Skills Assessment that is equivalent to MST
  • Training on the Sunshine Coast
  • Access to a motorcycle for the duration of the course as well as the Road Test.
  • New Rider Course Schedule

"Finally having a riding school on the coast is great. Before Strait Away Riders I was considering going to Vancouver to take a weekend course. The added cost was not sitting well with me and then I heard about Strait Away Riders. The fact that Sarah saw an opportunity for local riders to learn on roads they already know is so awesome! As for the new riders course itself, my riding skills went to a whole new level after completing it. Sarah is a great instructor and made the whole process fun and informative. If you're new to riding or need to sharpen up your skills and live on the Sunshine Coast you simply can't go wrong with Sarah and Straight Away Riders!"
~ Chris Hulls

Dual Sport Skills Course

Ride the best of both worlds - on and off-road!

The Dual Sport Skills Course Includes:

  • Information about the differences between street and dual sport gear so you can make informed decisions on what to purchase.
  • How to adjust your bike to fit you and learn how to ride it safely and efficiently in off-road conditions.
  • Training for riding a street-legal dual sport motorcycle off-road with an instructor
  • A one-day course, Day One: Intro to Dual Sporting Course
  • A two-day course, Day Two; Exploring by Dual Sport - can take either course alone or together
  • Exploring the scenic Sunshine Coast on a dual sport motorcycle with routes chosen specifically for riders new to off-road riding

Accelerated Rider Training (ACRT)

Ready to ride in a fraction of the time - get your motorcycle license with ACRT!

The Accelerated Rider Training (ACRT) Course Includes:

  • Preparation to obtain your Class 6 motorcycle license quickly and efficiently
  • Option to use your motorcycle or borrow one of ours
  • Teaching from professional, experienced instructors
  • Two evenings for V-Twin Theory – available on different nights in each location
  • 6 hours for private, one-on-one training on your schedule
  • Preparation to remove restrictions on your temporary license

Early Season Refresher Course

Get the skills to ride your motorcycle confidently.

Early Season Refresher Course Includes:

  • A professional refresher and tune-up to get your motorcycle ready for the season
  • Scheduled training to fit your needs
  • Efficient and cost-effective learning
  • Evaluations and tailored training
  • In-traffic training, if wanted
  • Our pre-determined schedule or a custom programme developed specifically for you
  • Training to fit your schedule, including weekdays, weekends, or evenings

“Sarah is the real deal! I had such a great experience! If you are considering motorcycle training,
look no further you have found your instructor.”
~ Chris G

Preseason Maintenance Course

Learn how to do motorcycle maintenance to save time and money.

The Preseason Maintenance Course Includes:

  • Learning how to maintain your bike on your own
  • Training to save money on repairs and maintenance
  • Information allowing you to be more familiar with your bike and its workings
  • Maximizing safety and performance tips
  • Learning for all skill levels
  • Hands-on learning in a fun, relaxed environment
  • Information about winterization, which is vital for riders in colder climates.
  • Relating what you learned in the course to your bike

Private coaching

Learn to ride, improve your skills, build confidence, or address a specific need; Private Lessons and Custom Training can be arranged to meet your specific need.

  • One on one training is available for riders who want to improve skills in a particular area, or are returning to riding after an absence.
  • Training can be customized to fill a particular need, such as carrying a passenger, moving up to a larger motorcycle, or adapting to a three wheeler.
  • The full New Rider Course can also be provided one on one, if you have a complex schedule
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Are you looking to get your motorcycle license in a fraction of the time?

Our accelerated rider training course is perfect for those who want to learn quickly and efficiently.

You can use your motorcycle or borrow one of ours – the choice is yours!

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