Are you interested in learning to ride a motorcycle?

We know that there’s a lot of information on how to start riding, and it can be tough to know where to begin. That’s why we created this guide – to help you get the basics down so you can feel confident about getting started. Our comprehensive training will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to ride a motorcycle like a pro. You won’t find anything like it out there – so what are you waiting for? Start your training today!

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Ride confidently, knowing you have the skills to handle any situation

With us, you can confidently tackle any ride! Our ICBC-approved motorcycle training courses are packed with seven hours of theory, so you understand everything you need to know before taking the handlebars. We guarantee progressive skill learning, so things are manageable, and each lesson will provide ample knowledge to shape your riding journey's better future. We are the only course offered on the Sunshine Coast, and it is ICBC certified.

“Not only did this course immensely boost my riding confidence and skill level, but it was also so much fun. The course instructor (Sarah) is super knowledgeable and kind. She takes the time to make sure her students are safe and understanding instructions.”
~ Julia M

You can choose the right motorcycle for you

Are you ready to hit the open road on a motorcycle? We can show you the various sizes, types, and rides of multiple motorcycles. Our New Rider Course is perfect for truly experiencing these thrilling machines since we provide each rider with their bike for training and the option of use on your road test. Whether it's the dual sport bikes that require finesse and stamina, a standard bike offering a seating position perfect for a shorter inseam, a classic v-twin cruiser boasting leisurely laidback rides, or our special red rebel rider, we've got it all here! It's the ideal opportunity to test them before making a purchase and hitting the streets as a rider!

"Sarah was a very attentive and adaptable instructor who was able to calmly utilize methods that help work you through challenges without getting you flustered. This course is a must for any level of rider, whether just getting your license for the first time or deciding as an experienced rider; it's an excellent time to go back and build the foundational skills and awareness that will maximize your riding abilities. The course also expedites the licensing process here on the Sunshine Coast, and you finish with your MST and are prepped for the full road test. They also provide motorcycles for the course, MST test and final road test date and communicate with you throughout the process. Excellent course that's positively and permanently altered how I ride. Thanks, Sarah!"
~ Dylan Hennessey

Benefit from personal instruction with a small group of riders

Do you want personalized instruction from experienced motorcycle trainers? Join a small group of four to five riders and benefit from ample learning time with your instructors. Four to five is the perfect class size to ensure everyone has plenty of one-on-one interaction. Moreover, the energy, excitement, focus, and fun the whole group brings will fuel your development and growth as a rider. Don't want to ride solo? Put together your squad or meet new friends — adventure awaits!

“Thanks, Sarah @straitawayriders, for being the best motorcycle instructor you rock. I have learned so much from you and highly recommend your company"
~ walts towing

Want to learn how to ride a motorcycle?

Our Motorcycle courses are ICBC certified and taught by experienced professionals who want you to succeed.

Our team is passionate about ensuring you have the skills to tackle any ride confidently!

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